Thérèse Laporte, known as "Designer of indoor and outdoor atmospheres, creating decors of contemporary and classics such great harmony, very good experience with the study of interiors and enhancement of the color space.
Attentive to the needs and lifestyles of its customers, meet with a creative spirit to every corner of every room and optimizes the chosen criterion knowledge of materials. Reshape the architectural space without ever leaving nothing to chance.
His passion for style and design make it very eclectic. Ranges from one style to another with skilland personality is in the furnishings of yachts, villas, apartments, resort.
His specializations are:
  • Design for indoor and outdoor
  • Advice and management style
  • Selection and coordination of workforce
  • Restyling and Decor
  • Yacht Ambiance
  • Architecture of light
  • Space Lounge
  • Contract
  • Custom Service
  • Study of materials applications
  • Legal advice of construction and renovation